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"It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged..."

Seeing as how I'm onto my final book that I was given for my birthday, a trip to the library is in my near future. Because of this, I'm after book recs.

Thanks to Downton Abbey and re-listening to Mansfield Park, I'd love to read some awesome period drama books and I'm also fond of chick-lit romance like Jill Mansell, and fantasy like Garth Nix. However, any books that you think are awesome I'd love to hear about :)

semisweetsoul update

Hey guys. I've had a message from semisweetsoul with an update on her situation.

Her laptop is still dead, along with the other computers in her house. However, she does now have access to a netbook, though this access is very limited.

She wanted me to tell you that she misses you all and hopes to be back on here very soon.

Feel free to pass this message on to other people on semisweetsoul's friend list. :c)

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Garfield - Happy Birthday

Fic: Dashing Through the Seas, In a Two-Mast Pirate Ship

Title: Dashing Through the Seas, In a Two-Mast Pirate Ship
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG-13
Characters: pre Jack/Ianto, Team Torchwood, Rhys, Adam, Tommy, Janet and Myfanwy
Word Count: ~1,900
Disclaimer: Alas, I don’t own Torchwood.

Authors Notes: This is for the wonderful morbid_sparks' birthday. Thank you to etmuse for the beta-read.

Summary: In which there is rum, singing and the Torchwood team are pirates.
Emma - Knightly Smiling

"You're Beautiful, You're Beautiful, It's True..."

(Yes, cheesy title is cheesy, but all will make sense in a moment or two.)

If you put angelzbabe1989 and I in the same room, chances are we'll end up plotting something. The first time we met face-to-face we spent an entire morning deciding on various ways to get hold of Gareth David-Lloyd's hat and what we would do with it once we had hold of it.

The last time we met up we then spent an hour plotting various ways to kidnap the very cute camera man from Tonight's The Night and the best way to get him between Edinburgh and Newcastle.

And now, thanks to the wonder that is Twitter, we've discovered that we can plot together without being in the same room or even the same country.

So, to prevent us from going off and kidnapping loads of pretty people and getting ourselves arrested, we have come up with one of our best plots yet: A Pretty People Picspam of People Who Are Pretty!

And this is where you guys come in, who do you want to see in this Pretty People Picspam of People Who Are Pretty? Give us some suggestions and we'll add them to the short-list. (Most people who are added to the short-list will probably make the final picspam, but I'm being cautious in case loads of people have suggestions).

I'm opening this to everybody and not just my friends list so feel free to send other people over if you guys want.

"Won't You Please, Please Help Me?"

Hey, guys, I'm after a favour again. If you've got a couple of minutes free would you mind filling in this questionnaire for me? It's about people's views on recycling (this lends further support to my theory that my lecturers are trying to kill us with boring reports). It's not long, I promise.

The questionnaire is here. If you complete the questionnaire please email your results to pinkfairy727@livejournal.com.

I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help :c)
Garfield - Happy Birthday

Fic: Five Times Kevin Met Jason's Toy Rabbit

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with amazing things!

In honour of semisweetsoul's birthday I have attempted to write B&S fic. I know you're fond of Food of the Gods so here is a sort-of spin-off fic.

I apologise in advance: this is unbeated, written really quickly and in the middle of an exam freak-out. Also, due to being unbeated, there are probably a fair few Briticism’s in here. Again, I apologise, but I suspect semisweetsoul will forgive me.

Title: Five Times Kevin Met Jason’s Toy Rabbit
Fandom: Brothers & Sisters
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kevin/Jason, Toy Rabbit
Word Count: ~600
Disclaimer: Alas, I don’t own Brothers & Sisters.

Authors Notes: Happy Birthday, semisweetsoul!

Some spoilers for my Brothers & Sisters fic, Food of the Gods, but this should be readable without reading that first.

Summary: In which Kevin doesn’t like Jason’s bunny.

*goes back to her day-before-horrible-exam-freak-out*

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

I have more fic! You didn't think I was going to get through 12 Days of Christmas without at least one list fic did you?

Title: 10 Songs That Make Ianto Jones Think of Christmas
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: Teen
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh, Owen, Rhiannon,
Word Count: ~1,400
Warnings: Some swearing.
Disclaimer: Alas, I don’t own Torchwood. Nor do I own The Muppets, Coca Cola or anything else you may recognise.

Authors Notes: My Christmas present for erin_giles. I was going to wait until next week to post this but it’s finished and erin_giles was in need of cheering up. *love and hugs*

Summary: In which there are cameos from a CGI polar bear, Janet the Weevil and Miss Piggy.

Meme/RL post to follow as I have broken up for half-term! :D

Friends Cut

I've finally gotten around to something I've been putting off for a while now- I've done an extensive cut of my friends-list. If you've been removed it's because either we don't talk anymore or you haven't posted in a while.

If you feel you've been cut unfairly leave a comment here or at friends-only post and I'll either explain my decision or add you back.