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"Take a Chance. Take a Chance. Take a Chance on Me."

*Community Promo*

Are you an existing Brothers & Sister fan-fic writer wondering where to post your fics now that bs_fic has gone? Or maybe you've just been bitten by a Kevin/Scotty [Kevin/Jason, Justin/Rebecca/ Saul/Henry etc, etc] plot bunny and you want somewhere to show it off. Then walkers_fics is the community for you.

Perhaps you're a Brothers and Sisters fan and you want to try writing in this fandom for the first time and you've not got any ideas so far to go on. Or, like me, you've already got a big fandom but are looking for a smaller one you can dabble in occassionally. Then walkers_fics is the still the comm for you as today the comms first challenge will go live!

semisweetsoul is happy to hear any suggestions you have for the comm which you can post here. So if you're a Brothers & Sister fan go check it out.

Weekend television post to follow this evening after my lectures, stats homework and I've sorted my Hub outfuts out (bloody eBay not letting me onto my account!).